Family Search


I am looking for information on my great grandma, Nora Mae Gorman. She was born in vermillion county Ill. on March 11 1882 .She also went by Sylvia Gorman. She married Albert Jesse Lanham and had several children including my grandpa (Alfred Andrew Lanham) . When Albert passed away she married a Robert (bob) Reynolds who made her put her children in an orphanage in Ill somewhere .Then she had more children with Reynolds.

My grandpa always said that Nora was born on a Cherokee reservation and that her mother Jane Henshaw was full blooded Cherokee. I know of one sister of Nora who is Jane Hathaway. My grandpa was born in In Indianola Ill. in 1909.He also ran away from the orphanage.When Reynolds passed away my grandpa brought her back to Indiana where he was living, which they both resided till passing.I would love to more about my great grandma and my great great grandma and their Indian names and tribe.


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